AI tools have the power to create content, help you make money and even bring you closer to your life-long dream.

This post is a list of the best AI tools for creators to smash the competition. I’ve compiled and tried out most of them with my own projects. Many of these tools are free, some are paid but they can help you out of some major creative blocks at key points in your workflow.

5 Reasons Why AI Tools for Creatives are the Future

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The Best Ai Tools for Creative Professionals To Get Started With Right Away

Here are my picks and findings of the AI tools, while some are free while some are still in experimental phase like “Talk to Books” by Google which might inspire you to create and showcase better content.

  1. SteamsSpeak – StreamsSpeak converts your text to speech. Write your text and select the voice over (Male/Female) and click generate. Its free to use and in my opinion you can use it on your social media videos, presentations, Instagram clips etc.
  2. AI Image Enlarger – It used for enhance low quality photos that you have to drag your photo and select the resolution and you’re done. You can have your pixelated photos to much smoother and detailed photos.
  3. Magic Eraser : AI powered photo tool, remove unwanted item from your photo
  4. RYTR : Helps write better and faster. You can use it for your inspiration , guide. Moreover its Free to use for unlimited versions.
  5. – For high quality and more intuitive blogs, newsletter, captions you can use which helps you in writing with no hassle.
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  8. MyHeritage
  9. Talk to Books – Google experimental AI tool as to how real humans have conversations. Add the text and it will give you interesting prospectives and books you may want to read. It searches from its database of more than 100,000 books
  10. Things Translator – This AI experiment helps you take picture of something to hear and how would it sound in any other language.
  11. Replika – Its actually an AI replika companion who is eager to learn and always by your side. Its rather pretty interesting idea. It’s actually a chatbot to talk when no one is around or you need a friend.
  12. WordTune – An AI model which converts your thoughts into words. It can convert your rough draft or the idea and compose the sentences and better ways to express your thoughts.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Ai Apps When There are Many Free Ones Out There Today?

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Conclusion: Now Is the Time to Start Util

AI tools are not going to replace humans in the near future, but they can be very useful in certain circumstances. For example, they can be used to generate blog posts when you want to get an idea of what your blog post will look like before you actually write it.

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